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Garden share collective December

The Garden Share Collective
It is once again time to link to Lizzie for our monthly catchup at strayed from the table.

I planted my purple asparagus seeds and most of them came up, so now I just have to move them into bigger pots.  I think they need to be more sturdy before I plant them into the ground. I have started some shrubs for my stepson and once I move them down to his garden I can re-use my pots for that purpose.  I also started some rosella as I want to plant them along the back fence. You can just see a few ferny fronds behind the rosella.
  I still have a few tomato plants there, but think it is too wet for them to produce many more tomatoes, so they need to be pulled out.
Our rainy season has started, so hopefully I get a few dry patches to work out there sometime soon.

A few cherry tomatoes are left, but as soon as the rains really set in, they stop bearing fruit.  We get a couple of paw paws a week which is just perfect.  I am picking a few stalks of asparagus, capsicum, and long green beans. Other than that there are the perrenial herbs.  This is the time of year that the garden has a bit of a rest.  It is good, because this is the time when I really prefer to stay indoors and make some christmas crafts, baking and cooking.  I seem to have a perrenial capsicum plant - so pleased about that as I have always had trouble growing capsicum before.  I cannot believe how crunchy they are, and the green ones have none of the bitterness of the store bought ones.

My little rosemary bush in a pot has suddenly shot up - maybe it is enjoying all this rain - I have been so careful to keep it dry as that is what I thought they liked. Who would have known!   I love to catch a whiff of the franzipani as I am out in the garden - such a lovely sweet tropical smell.

The green beans are quite prolific, and dont seem to be affected by any bugs, so a great plant at this time of year.  I think I might take the shade cloth down, as even though it is hot and humid, our skies are mostly cloudy.

 Completed from last months to do list
I  grafted a branch of meyer lemon onto my patio lime tree but it doesnt seem to have taken.  I tried two bud grafts, one onto the kaffir lime and one onto the patio lime.  They both still look green so I have more hope for those than I do for the branch.
I did make my in ground worm bins, which are doing well, and dont seem to suffer too much with the rains.  They seem to have been up in the top layer in this one, although when I open it up the worms are always further down.

but this one they seem to be staying well below the layer of paper I placed on the top.  I did that to prevent fruit flies being attracted to the rotting scraps.  I also place an upturned plant saucer on top to stop rain getting in, and keep unwanted creatures out.

To do
the other things left over from last months to do list that have not been completed are:
collect seaweed and spread on the asparagus bed
Plant green manure, or cover bare areas with cardboard to stop weeds.
Figure out an edging solution for my veggie beds.

I would like to wish everyone linked to the Garden Share collective a very Happy Christmas!
Giveaway alert!!!! The first three readers who comment can have the option of either a crocheted snowflake or an angel sent to them to spread some Christmas cheer - let me know your colour choice in the comments. If you wanted a bell it would have to be folded flat, but if you dampened it, it could be re-formed into its original shape.  This giveaway is open to anyone.


VirginiaC said...

You have been one busy bee haven't you? Your garden is doing well and looks quite healthy.
Wish I could have a few of those pawpaws for breakfast over here.
I love your crochet items. I do have many white crochet snowflakes for my tree already, so maybe a white angel would be nice....thanks for the kind offer.

orchid Miyako said...

Dearest Africanaussie;
Oh My!!! You have been working very hard and I admire the way you enjoy your harvest♬♬♬
You ave LOTS of talents as well. I will leave the luck to your other faithful friends (so sorry for my absence to your blog) but your crotchet works are really timely, aren't they☆☆☆
Hope you are not so hot for your outside work and have a wonderful rest of the week.

Lots of Love and Hugs to my friend in Australia, xoxo Miyako*

africanaussie said...

Virginia - I would love to send you an angel :) Please e-mail me your address to vemvaan (at) gmail (dot)com. I imagined that you could grow pawpaws easily in that climate.

africanaussie said...

Hi Miyako,
I hope the new year brings you many blessings, you have had lots of troubles this year. Looks like it will be rainy all weekend so I will get my inside chores done!

James Missier said...

I'm amazed that you are able to plant vegetables and also do wonderful crochet.
Have a lovely wonderful Christmas!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

mercy, all your green and growing stuff looks different from my snow and ice.

Tracy said...

Looks lush up your way. Lots to do right now... fun times.

Nana Go-Go said...

Your crochet's looking fab. Thanks for popping over to mine and leaving your sweet comment. Great to hear from you. My little bag that you sent me is still getting loads of use and has carried loads of books back and forth from the library! Fab garden pics too - soooo jealous of all that greenery. Everything's fading to black here with the onset of deepest,darkest wintertime!Have a great weekend. xx

VirginiaC said...

Yes, we do have plenty of pawpaws here, but sadly I do not have my own tree.
Look out for my email.....thanks.

liz said...

Those beans are amazing. I agree that the green capsicums grown in your back yard are no comparison to store bought - they are so much better.

Karen said...

So much progress in your garden. I love seeing the sprouting plants, it will be a long, long time before we'll see anything green here. And your crocheted pieces are so pretty!

gourmetwog said...

your capsicums are looking great! I too have been having trouble with mine, they're always getting eaten before we get to them. Great garden tour :)

e / dig in said...

hello AA :-) you must be the most tropical of the garden share collective. it's so interesting to read how the wet season is now bringing some of your gardenig to an end - here in tassie we are (hopefully) starting to see some movement (in theory).
ps dad planted some of the snake beans (not all) but no movement just yet. will keep you posted.

africanaussie said...

Thistle Cove,
It is interesting to browse the web and see all the different seasons.

africanaussie said...

I love this time of year and it is marvellous that my garden gives me a break to do other stuff.

africanaussie said...

Nana go go,
So glad you are enjoying your bag. Oh I hope you find some warmth and light.

africanaussie said...

I am not able to keep up with picking the beans, I think they are after world domination.

africanaussie said...

thank you, I do like your snowy pictures though,and always look forward to your wintertime stained glass projects.

africanaussie said...

I wish I could figure out why this one plant is doing so well and all the others withered and died.

africanaussie said...

I guess I must be. What lovely blooms you have right now, your garden looks delightful. I do hope those beans grow for you.

Gustoso said...

Our garden has a bit of rest too now. It's just too hot and yesterday was a steamy one, even though we had a shower. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

africanaussie said...

Yes I agree, it doesnt entice you out into the garden does it? The mosquitoes seem bad this year too.

Stiletto ElsieXie said...

Merry Christmas! Difficult to imagine this time of year with mossies.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I really need to learn a lot from you in regards of tropical gardening.
Can't wait to see your asparagus purple harvest.


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